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"I create unique and meaningful experiences for busy couples, corporate and private parties in extraordinary Tuscan and Italian locations"

Katia Morales 
Bliss Event Studio Italy Founder

About Bliss

Bliss Events Studio Italy is a wedding boutique and event firm based in Florence, Italy. We combine first-in-class client experience with gorgeous destinations in Tuscany and all over Italy.

Every couple and each event is important for us and we are proud of our attention to details; we spend around four hundred hours of planning per event, including in-person meetings and conference calls.

We can serve clients from all over the world creating unique and meaningful experiences in exclusive and extraordinary Italian locations with the premise that a memorable wedding or event doesn't happen by chance, it has to be meticulously and carefully planned, and that's what we do!

Our Services

All of us from Bliss  Event Studio Italy believe in creating meaningful and refined experiences.

We want you and your guests to walk away with tons of emotions, reflection, and discovery. 

We are here to help you create moments that will be remembered and cherished for a lifetime in authentic Italian style! 



Our Methodology

We firmly believe that regardless the magic and dreams, an event should definitely be managed as a project.

As we are specialized in destination weddings and elopements abroad, we are conscious of our couple's TIME and RESOURCES, so our efforts are directed to capitalize them it in an enjoyable and stress-free experience with a thoughtful planning, carefully operated logistics, service-oriented vision and seamless execution,  giving as result, the creation of a sophisticated , magical and one of a kind experience…. For us, this is what does “Bliss” means and all Bliss team embrace, believe and work under this philosophy.

 Our methodology is designed for clients who are looking for insights, consultancy and guidance throughout the entire planning process and is precisely for that reason that we decided to fill this necessity with our PROJECT MANAGEMENT approach.

We offer a constant support and advise about the long list that a professional approach involves in order to design your wedding or special event according to your desires, using the best resources going above and beyond your expectations.



noun: a state of perfect, complete and utter happiness; great joy.
verb: reach a state of perfect happiness, oblivious of everything else.

Our inner heart's search is for - the eternal consciousness that satisfies our perception, and anandam (bliss)
the satisfaction of our hankering after beauty of life and love.


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