“Being deeply loved by someone

gives you strength

while loving someone deeply

gives you courage.”

Lao Tzu

A love story is a never-ending journey, the wedding day is our personal

"and lived happily together to the end of times",

is a statement of our compromise of love and means new starts...Tuscany enchants with its gentle hills,

with its towns where time seems to have stopped, is a land that from the antiquity seduced the visitors

and its own inhabitants, is the cradle of great Artists who have been inspired by its beauty;

Tuscany becomes not only a splendid stage to set a story but a real character that shines with its own light.

Is our privilege to have accompanied our couples on bringing their dream wedding alive

giving them the perfect backdrop and unique  experiences as a worthy tribute to their love.


Wendyl & Simon

Alejandra & Damian

Masha & Tom


Daniela & Francesco

Pia & Nick

Corporate Event