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Welcome to our Bliss world!

Do you want to know what is my rol as a wedding planner & designer in your wedding?


Let me tell you a metaphor!

The villa is the frame of the complete picture that recreates the essence of the dream of the Italian dolce vita in a perfect combination of creative work with the spouses and the uniqueness of work with a quality vendors team to make a dream come true that we projected together for months (the painting ).

In this creation, all the elements have a fundamental importance to the same extent, since each element has a key function, in this metaphor I, as a wedding planner & designer, am the painter whose mission is to concretize on a blank canvas, the dream wedding of his clients, the villa is the frame that I consider is ideal to beautify the work and the suppliers are all the tools and work instruments with which the painter makes a fusion of commitment, work and creativity together to create the nuances, strokes and virtues that will result in the most wonderful painting ever created for those clients… as you see, there is no one supplier that is more “important” than another, it is the well-calibrated balance of each element that makes make a Bliss Wedding so special.

And that is our philosophy and manifesto, if you think these values ​​and vision resonate with you, do not hesitate to contact us !


Let's spread the Bliss together, we dream together, I make it come true!

Katia Morales

Head & Heart of Bliss Event Studio Italy


365° Integral

wedding planning, design and coordination service.

As we are specialized in destination events abroad, we are conscious of our client’s time and resources, so our efforts are focused to capitalize them in an enjoyable and stress-free experience with a thoughtful planning, carefully operated logistics, service-oriented vision and flawless execution, giving as a result, the creation of a sophisticated, magical and one of a kind experience.


For us, this is what “Bliss” means and each member of Bliss Studio embrace, believe and work under this philosophy.

 We have built long-lasting partnerships with world-class providers over the years to help our clients secure the most sought-after reservations and venues Italy has to offer. 
From the exclusivity of private villas, yacht charters and luxury transportation to flight reservations and every resource required to produce experiences in order to leave a truly captivating footprint that expresses completely our couple's personality.

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